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Workplace mediator and conflict resolution consultant.
Straightforward resolution to workplace conflict
About Me

I am very enthusiastic about people finding win / win outcomes to their differences.  I believe that mediation offers an optimistic alternative to blame and aggression. 

I am skilled at helping employees resolve arguments.
It is sad to see how conflict can be so destructive, especially since it is an inevitable part of human nature.  I always wondered what is was that made some tense situations turn ugly whilst others resolved themselves with smiles all round.  This led me to learn mediation skills, and change my career.
Now I am very fortunate to have high job satisfaction.  I regularly see how people can transform themselves from being adversaries to working as close allies.  I notice how much goodwill lies hidden waiting to find expression behind frustration, hurt, and fear which are blocking the path.  It is very rewarding to see the results of applying a few well chosen skills

Experience  I have Twenty three years mediation experience.
I have Mediation services supplied to 95 organisations.
I have Worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors.
I have Developed the national mediation accreditation standards.
I have Advised organisations on setting up in-house mediation services.
I have Trained 380 people to become mediation practitioners.
I have Sat on local and national mediation working parties.

 Experience In the workplace where two or three parties are in conflict
Situations Undertaken
Experience With whole work teams in dispute
Experience In racially sensitive situations
Experience Where mental health issues are involved
 Experience When bullying or harassment are a factor
Experience Where grievance & disciplinary procedures are associated
Most of my business comes through recommendations from satisfied clients.
As a freelance practitioner I am able to be responsive to the needs of clients.
I am committed to providing a professional service with a personal touch. 
My Background  
I have been working as an independent mediation practitioner, trainer, and consultant for 20 years.  Before this I worked for a local community mediation service mediating between neighbours in dispute.  I still mediate neighbour disputes in a voluntary capacity.

My previous career was 10 years in further education teaching engineering, and contributed to developments in teaching and learning practice.  Prior to teaching I worked as a design and development engineer on automated control of industrial processes following degrees from Bangor and Sussex universities.

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Mediator: Paul Holder   Tel: 0117 924 6868  Email: Mediation Choice