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Workplace mediator and conflict resolution consultant.
Straightforward resolution to workplace conflict
Examples Situations Suitable For Mediation

There are many types of workplace conflict for which mediation is appropriate.

Mediation is suitable for situations that are adversely affecting working relationships and reducing productivity.  

It can be used between people at the same or different levels in the hierarchy providing they have the power to settle the issue.  Mediation can involve just two individuals or a larger number of people.  
I can advise you on the suitability of mediation in your particular situation over the phone.
I have come across the following situations which are suitable for mediation: 
Relationships and Communication

 Bullying, harassment, and discrimination allegations
 Fall out from statuary grievance allegation 

Bad atmosphere
  Communication breakdown 
 Lack of co-operation
 Email hurt 
 Different communication styles 
 Professional difference of opinion 
 Personality clash 
 Personal disagreements and animosity
 Conflict of interest between work relationship and friendship 
 Sexual attraction and rejection
 Unresolved past conflict


Arguments over performance standards

Differences in working style

Management style and authority clashes 

Interpretation of roles and responsibilities 


Questions over compliance to rules and policies

Competition for limited resources 

Feeling undervalued, criticised or excluded

Requests for time off work


Absence from work

Health or home life stress affecting work performance 
 Moodiness and irritability
 Pressure of work 
 Return to work following illness or suspension
 Right to request flexible working
 Workplace conditions

Management of change

Change in work pattern

Downsizing consequences
 Fall out from reorganisation 
 Internal promotion above colleagues 
 Negotiating job descriptions
 Workload increase

The biggest impact of using mediation is that it gives people a constructive opportunity to improve their relationships.  It is face saving and no one feels humiliated.  A mediator can  get to the root of a problem rather than just treating its outward symptoms. 

It gives people a new way of dealing with conflict makes people sit up and think about their attitudes and behaviours, but without blame and judgement.

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