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Workplace mediator and conflict resolution consultant.
Straightforward resolution to workplace conflict
What Are The Benefits Of Mediation?


Very high success rate achieved.

82% of small/medium-sized enterprises surveyed by Acas in 2008 said mediation had resolved the dispute.

You are making a low risk investment in fees.

Good Value  

As a freelance practitioner I do not have the expenses of a
larger organisation. 

I can afford to offer competitive rates without compromising quality.


Complication quickly abounds in conflict as it escalates and draws in an expanding circle of people. 

Mediation helps the parties themselves see through the fog so you don’t have to.

Good Employer  

It is considered to be good employment practice to offer mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process. 
 Acas encourages employers to consider mediation in their Discipline and Grievance Code of Practice (2009). 

Employment Tribunals can adjust awards at hearings if the Acas code is not followed.

Staff Satisfaction

Conflict can be very stressful and undermine peoples confidence. 

By engaging a mediator you are offering a dignified conflict resolution process which builds self esteem and restores motivation.

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Mediator: Paul Holder   Tel: 0117 924 6868  Email: Mediation Choice