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Workplace mediator and conflict resolution consultant.
Straightforward resolution to workplace conflict
What Will It Cost Me?

My aim is to provide an effective mediation
service at an affordable rate.

I am skilled at helping employees resolve arguments.
I am a sole trader with
lower costs than a company.  
Your fee pays for service not overheads.

Telephone advice and enquiries are provided ... ...  free of charge.
Two party disputes are usually resolved  ... ...  in a single day.
Team or multi-party mediations typically  ... ...  need two days.
Single Day Process
Step One We discuss the case by telephone.
Step Two In the morning I meet the parties separately.
Step Three In the afternoon I help the parties negotiate
agreed outcomes together which settle the dispute .

for charities
and small organisations
There is a fixed day rate of 545 for mediations involving two parties plus normal out of pocket expenses.
No charges are made for initial telephone assessment, preparation, verbal reporting back, or travel time. 
My charges do not attract VAT.  


Team or multi-party mediations typically need two days.
I can quote once I have discussed the situation with you.

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Mediator: Paul Holder   Tel: 0117 924 6868  Email: Mediation Choice