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Workplace mediator and conflict resolution consultant.
Straightforward resolution to workplace conflict

  What Help Can I Get? Please phone for advice without obligation.  
" I understand how frustrating conflict can be. Talking things over can help you choose a clear way forward." 

My aim is to provide you with a simple and cost effective mediation service.

Mediation can resolve a wide range
of workplace disputes
Please phone if you: I mediate between individuals at any level within the organisation or with whole teams.
Have a general mediation enquiry
Need a mediator to resolve a current workplace conflict

Free advice
by phone

Tel: 0117 924 6868
You can benefit from free telephone advice in complete confidence. 
You can discuss the situation and use me as a sounding board
 whether or not you are considering further help from me.
We can look at whether mediation or another approach would be
 the best way forward.
If you wish I can arrange to mediate the dispute
 using a simple three step process.
If you want my services -  I come to you. 

Three step process Click for details
of the mediation

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Mediator: Paul Holder   Tel: 0117 924 6868  Email: Mediation Choice