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Workplace mediator and conflict resolution consultant.
Straightforward resolution to workplace conflict
The Mediation Process

Mediation seeks to provide an informal and speedy resolution of conflict.


Round Table Mediation
Arguments at work take many forms. It may be that two workers don't get on, or that someone has a grievance against their manager, or that there is a lack of trust and cooperation within a team.
Many disputes can be resolved in a single day. I find that the three step process shown below adapts well to most situations and provides a simple structure in which to make progress.

Mediation Input
Step One

I assess the situation with you over the phone

I find out what the dispute is about and who is involved.
I ascertain the history of the conflict and its context.
We discuss how suitable mediation is, and talk over concerns you may have.
We talk about how mediation fits in with your current policies.
I send out information to the parties if you decide to proceed.

Step Two

I have one meeting with each party separately

I take the parties seriously whatever the problem. 
The individuals can explore the problems and the effects on them.
They discuss what they want from mediation and I explain how it works.
I help the parties regain a sense of control and feel more confident about a  reaching a resolution.
Step Three

I manage a single round table meeting between the parties to resolve their difficulties

The parties meet together in a safe atmosphere.
They are able to be frank with each other and say what they feel without  damaging the relationship.
I help the parties understand each other better and develop new perspectives.
I assist them negotiate joint solutions to the problems so there is confidence  that both parties needs are met.  
Together they make practical agreements on how to work together  successfully for the future.
The agreements are written down as a reminder of what has been achieved  and all those present sign it.

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