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Accredited Mediation Training Programme Announcement

An invitation - To equip yourself with the skills and attitudes necessary to be an effective community mediation practitioner, and to be recognised for your achievements with an accreditation award.

Six Day Accredited Programme 2014
     6 days 10/11 Sept, 17/18 Sept, and 24/25 Sept 

For future programme dates please

Objectives - By the end of the programme you should be sufficiently competent to:
  • Undertake productive initial meetings with the separate parties in dispute.
  • Bring the parties together and conduct round table mediation sessions.
By the end of the programme you should also:
  • Have an increased awareness of your own reactions to conflict.
  • Be able to manage your own feelings, assumptions, and prejudice.
  • Benefits to you
  • Learning is made fun and engaging by using practical activities and role plays based on real life situations to develop your skills.
  • No previous mediation knowledge is required as everything is provided. However we will recognise and build on any existing life skills you have already.
  • You receive highly individualised attention and learning support from two trainers with a maximum group size of 12 participants.
  • The trainers draw on their 15 years of mediation experience to address the essentials of mediation practice and offer tips for dealing with tricky situations.
  • You can achieve a nationally recognised accreditation award.
  • The trainers have a high success record with 90% - 100% of participants on each programme achieving an award.
  • Accreditation can be obtained without essays or long reports since assessment is largely built around observing situations that mediators meet in practice.
  • You will receive an essential guide to mediation practice to back up your learning, and telephone support is available for to you between the training days.

Cost - The cost is 995 + VAT =
1,194 per person for all training costs including: learners manual, assessment portfolio, refreshments and lunch each day throughout the course and external accreditation fees. 
Training days are full length 9am – 5pm sessions. You need to attend all six days.

Booking - Please contact me to express your interest or for further information. A 70 deposit will be required to secure one of the 12 places.  There will be a free introductory session to help you decide if you want to come on the training programme.
Paul Holder, Tel: 0117 9246868 or

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