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Watch A Mediation Video

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has produced an excellent video.  The short film clips here give an idea of what mediation can look and feel like. It is based on a real-life case with a workplace mediator and using professional actors in the other roles.

Three clips from the Acas video have been selected for viewing below.  They show:  

The mediator meeting with the two parties separately.
An extract from the round table meeting where both parties sit down together with the mediator to discuss the issues, understand each others point of view, and work out a resolution.
What people thought after the mediation. 
Click on the buttons below to see the selected video clips or you can watch the
full video on the Acas website by clicking on their logo on the right.



The tension between Paul and Kirsty
is creating a bad atmosphere.  
It is also affecting their colleagues
and the business.
Mediator Mediator
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40 sec 50 sec



Bernard was unable to resolve the problem and asked Paul and Kirsty if they would be willing to try mediation.  They both agreed as their working relationship was severely under strain.
 3 min 40 sec


Looking back - what did they think?
The points of view of the employer, the two people involved and the mediator are all expressed here.

 3 min

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