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Workplace mediator and conflict resolution consultant.
Straightforward resolution to workplace conflict

What Is Mediation?

The role of a professional mediator is to act as an impartial third party who helps two or more people in dispute attempt to reach an agreement.

  The mediator facilitates communication and negotiation between the parties.

They manage the process of seeking a resolution but do not prescribe solutions.
Any agreement made comes from those in dispute and not the mediator.
The process is entirely voluntary.  It is informal and flexible, but structured and focussed.  Agreements are not legally binding but because the parties themselves have devised their own solutions they have an investment in carrying them through.

Conflict and tension are as inevitable as co-operation and harmony.  A certain degree of conflict is healthy.  Fair competition between individuals to develop in their roles can be a good thing.  In teams it can help to create innovation.
Conflict is negative when things get stuck or fester.  It can lead to underlying discord or situations explicitly escalating out of control.  Mediation recognises the reality of conflict and aims to transform the negativity into constructive outcomes.
Mediation works by:


Allowing those involved in conflict to understand and empathise with each others feelings.

Helping all participants explore issues, feelings and concerns involved and rebuild relationships using joint problem solving 

Encouraging open and honest communication even where tension causes defensiveness.
  Assisting the people involved to find a workable solution that feels fair and just to both sides.
 Enabling participants develop the skills to resolve workplace difficulties for themselves in future

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